Love birds sessions


3 Digital images
2-3 Backdrops changes or location
2-4 Outfit changes
1 8x10 Prints


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"In the tender embrace of love's timeless dance, we embark on a journey of captured moments, each frame etched with the brushstrokes of our hearts. Within the pages of an album, our story unfolds, a tapestry of emotions woven in the delicate threads of affection. As an author of your love novel, I'll immortalize the essence of your devotion, crafting a tale that transcends time, evoking the essence of your romance with every captured image"

—Gerardo Dominguez

What is next

Reach out

  • Choose collection
  • time and date
  • pay retainer fee (none refundable)
  • Fill out contract
  • hop on a call to go over photoshoot

Shoot date

  • Be ready, be happy it's your day to shine.
  • be on time.


You will receive your final images 2-3 weeks after you have chosen your top images.